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28 August 2007

From the Barber Shop to the Bathroom

Poor Larry Craig, Senator from my home state of Idaho. As you probably know, it was just discovered that Sen. Craig had submitted a guilty plea for lewd conduct in a mens room at the Minneapolis airport (probably a long layover on a flight to Boise). Since the early 80s, Craig has been dogged with accusations that he's gay, which would fit with a self-loathing-homosexual-of-the-religious-right stereotype, which would explain all the rabidly anti-gay political stances posed by the senator.

Me, I frankly miss the Singing Senators, taking cues from Liberace and Lawrence Welk, laying out those patriotic tracks penned by John Ashcroft. Give me those stout-hearted men, men, men.


At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Collin Thornhill said...

This is where Fox news broadcasts the story and lists Craig as a democrat, just like they did with Foley.

How's it going, teach? Long time, no talk.

At 7:55 PM, Blogger jim said...


Great to hear from you--you would respond to the Larry Craig thing, wouldn't you?

All's well. And you know how to reach me, and so give me a shout about how you're faring.

At 11:02 PM, Blogger January said...

Jim, I miss you. Please post something new soon.


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