Ingrid Update

I wanted to give an update on my friend, Ingrid Martinez-Rico, as she is recovering from a devastating traffic accident. Some of my readers are able to keep track of Ingrid's recovery through, and so I'm not sharing any information that her family hasn't made public.

Yesterday, Gerri and I visited Ingrid at her new home; her husband Craig is renting a house next door to their home (one good thing about the lousy housing market here), so that Ingrid's set-up can be roomy. Aside from suffering from an untreated hematoma in her upper left arm, Ingrid has pretty well recovered from all the other injuries besides the head trauma. Her cracked vertabrae is healing, and she'll be out of her neck brace in just over two weeks.

Her state is one of semi-consciousness. She constantly moves, partly involuntary reactions, but more and more of her movement is in response to external stimulation. While we were there, we were with the amazing Candi Love, Ger's and Ingrid's yoga teacher, and Ingrid responded to some of our questions and instructions, and she clearly indicated what she wanted us to touch, to rub. With the children, she has turned to kiss them, whispering their names, and even more. Of course, she tires quickly with these exertions, but it's all looking most hopeful, and Ingrid is incredibly strong. It'll be a long recovery, but every time we have visited her, she has made real strides.

This home care that Craig decided on, and which took a good deal of managing on his part, is simply wonderful. There's a RN to lead the nursing care, a full rotation of attendants, while Ingrid can also receive the care of an acupuncturist and other healers. So she's getting the best of both conventional and alternative health care. She also is in a wonderful house, a 1920's Spanish (of course) modified bungalow, with plenty of windows, a garden view, and with her family right next door. Her room has been decorated by the children, and so it's a quiet, healthy place--so much better than the hospital, and certainly better than the other options that Craig was considering for her rehabilitation. The children spend almost all their free time with her, and I know that all of that is helping her with her recovery.

I also must say that Craig has been a gem. He's been so strong, resourceful, respectful, and loving--he's a wonderful father, to boot. He's had a rough couple of years before this terrible accident, but he's found such grace, resilience in the face of all this chaos. I know he gains strength from all the well wishing he and Ingrid have received, and they are both becoming stronger every day.


January said…
What a tough time your friends are going through. But the body is amazing in terms of recovery and re-learning how to do the basics.

Glad she has you, friends, and family in her corner.

Hugs to you, too.
Anonymous said…
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