New Site in the Works

While Poetry Thursday will be retiring as a blog site, I am happily involved with some Poetry Thursdayers in launching a new site so that we don't miss a beat.

Also speaking of new things, my university will be interviewing finalists (and picking one) to be the new president. The final six is made up of some legitimate academic heavyweights, especially Karen Holbrook, the recently retired president of The Ohio State University. I'll be attending as much of the faculty events as possible--of course, this search is taking place the first week of school. Of the finalists, only one am I really, really, really hoping doesn't make it.

Typically university presidents are the face of the university, but I still hope to have someone I genuinely respect, someone who has some academic bottom, and who can actually inspire faculty by example. I want a president with back. Is that so wrong??


...deb said…
Good news about a new poetry site. I have been in a poetry-funk since Dana's and Liz's PT announcement.

So...count me in.

And I hope your new university president meets your criteria. Not a damn thing wrong with it.
January said…
Is that Slick Rick in the photo?

Hee Hee Hee!

Our college is looking for a new prez, too. Hope we get some diverse candidates, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.