My New Boss

Tempting as it may be to write a post on President Bush's bizarre and ill-informed reading of Graham Greene's The Quiet American--Mr. President, Alden Pyle is no innocent. He represents exactly the Cheney frame of mind, knowing more what's better for the "natives" than the natives themselves. See? I'm already getting carried away with it.

But even more interesting is that my university has named Wilson "Brad" Bradshaw as its third president.

Believe it or not, Dr. Bradshaw was my first choice (he actually answered the question I posed in the faculty forum): he's the real deal all the way around in terms of being a strong scholar (this is big for me), having a solid teaching background, and working up the ranks in administration, currently as the president of Metropolitan State University in Minneapolis. The university is very fortunate to have someone of this character and depth and talent.


Anonymous said…
I'm happy to hear all this about Dr. Bradshaw. w00t!
Jessica said…
In Minneapolis (where I'm from) Metro State has a great reputation for recruiting a diverse student body and faculty members, due in large part to their higher administration's efforts. I'm sad to hear that he'll be leaving our turf, but I think you're lucky to get him in yours.