Step It Up

Attended the Step It Up rally in Fort Myers, one of 1500 such demonstrations today in support of changing U.S. policy on global warming. The event in Fort Myers specifically focused on a proposed coal-fired power plant to be built in an adjacent county, on the threat of global warming to the Everglades, and on its magnfication of hurricane intensity. A number of businesses and local envirnomental groups were also there to share information. Almost 400 people showed up on a very warm (mid 90s), humid afternoon.

There, I ran into many friends and colleagues. Best of all, Fort Myers seemed a little less sleepy, a little less disengaged, and that is very heartening. It was also very nice that our chapter of the Audubon Society was one of the principal sponsors--my Gerri is a board member of the chapter.

The highlight of the event in Fort Myers was the appearance of John Edwards, the only U.S. presidential candidate from either party to speak at a Step It Up rally. I'm not yet decided about which candidate I will vote for, but Edwards is one of the few candidates offering bold statements about the Iraqi war, health care, poverty, and the environment. He's very dynamic, forceful, and engaging, and he seems to be willing to take risks that the front-runners are too calculating to make. It's not that he's entirely idealistic, but he seems convicted and unapologetic for his views.