Springfield Bound

Will be going up to do a reading at Western New England College later this week--thank you Brad Sullivan for setting this up for me! Anyway, I was hoping to be able to get over to Boston, but it appears my timetable is all eaten up (sorry, January!).

Actually been a rough couple of weeks at school, with the usual end-of-the-semester hoo-hah, but also the annual disappointment of my school not setting aside sufficient money for our graduate assistants and the inexplicable lack of faculty support for creating promotion opportunities for our "unranked" instructors. So much for the progressive politics of academics. I'm not really whining about my home institution, but more about the general state of higher education, a subject I try to steer away from.

It's not all piss and vinegar, though, as I regard students who are about to graduate, having gone through their own considerable trials, many having done something rather remarkable for themselves. It's easy to lose sight of that, too.

Anyway, I'll be traipsing along some other college's green, thinking a little how much greener it seems there. Yes, I know how it's all one big pasture--and really, just how refined can a bovine's palate be, especially one who grew up eating Idaho sage and bitterbrush? So it'll be sufficient to traipse, and think about my really long summer break before me. Nothing but to loaf, loaf, and loaf away.


January said…
DRAT! Well, if there is any way I can make it to Springfield College, I'll give it the old "college" try--pun intended!

In any case, hope the reading goes well, and enjoy your stay in the greater Boston area.