Back from the greater Western Massachusetts tour, and thanks to my friends Donna, Brad, and Chip for being such great hosts. I had a ball.

In the little bit of down-time we had, Gerri and I ventured to Amherst, where I bought Ger a beautiful pre-birthday scarf at the Fiber Art Center. After that, we went to a wonderful small Indian place for lunch.

Of course, we spent most of our time at the Emily Dickinson Homestead.

To my left, on the second floor, you see two of Emily's bedroom windows (they are unshaded), which look out to her sister-in-law's residence, The Evergreens. From that vantage, she could watch her nephew and nieces play.

And here is Gerri, walking in the backyard--what really was a garden way opening up to some farm and meadowland during Dickinson's lifetime. The oak tree behind Ger was alive during Dickinson's lifetime.

We took the shorter tour, led by a most delightful and knowledgeable docent, Joni, and at the end of the tour, we read a few Dickinson poems aloud. So naturally, I'm going back to my collected poems of Emily Dickinson (the 1955 edition), and rereading her work. Lucky me.


January said…
Again, I wish I could have attended your reading. How was it?

I haven't spent much time in Amhearst, nor have I been to Emily DIckinson's home, but it's a wonderful community for artists.

Great pictures of you and Gerri!
jim said…
rethabile! I'll get to it, I promise!
jim said…

The reading was very nice actually, decently attended (about two dozen folks). On campus at the same time was comedian Lewis Black, which meant I didn't need to do my political rant poems.

Amherst proper is quite tiny, very walkable--not Florida at all--which made it all the more charming.