Column Is Up

My first Poetry Thursday column is up. I've happily committed to write a monthly piece for the Poetry Thursday community.

Does that mean more space on my blog for discussion of Boise State football? Should I start all over with the secret aim to have the least read blog in the blogosphere? Instead of poetry and Boise State football (which has gotten way too big since the amazing Bronco victory at the Fiesta Bowl), I'll need to couple up two really incompatable but equally inconsequetnial subjects . . . . Suggestions?


Dana said…
Yay! You are writing for Poetry Thursday! You are writing for Poetry Thursday!

If you are looking for new topics for your blog, how about mismatched mattresses and box springs (a real problem in today's bargain-driven society) and lapels. (What's up with lapels? I mean, really. They are useless and ridiculous.) Someone needs to tackle these issues. Why not you, Dr. J?
desert rat said…
Now, I know you're not saying that poetry is "inconsequential" (heaven forfend). ;)
Hmmm - as for obscure subjects - how about vilonodular synovitis and lost cat whiskers?

The PT column is great, btw.
I dunno...Boise State football is a pretty good choice by itself.
January said…
Yes, Boise State football is an important topic (spring training and Red Sox baseball, too.) But I'm always interested in other aspects of the PoBiz.

Your PT column is excellent, BTW.

So whether you’re looking for your own blog topics or PT topics, I'm curious about the lives of working poets--how do you market a book beyond what the publisher does? What is it like to have a book tour? Do you notice differences between your students writing poetry now from the students you had when you first started teaching? It may seem mundane, but articles on the writing process are always interesting.
Rethabile said…
Loved the piece you columned. I found myself nodding in agreement.