Gerald Ford is one of those presidents, decent enough, whose spouse would have made a far better president. What I remember most of his presidency is the Whip Inflation Now campaign, suggesting we wear WIN buttons, that his office forgot to manufacture in time for the announcement. Avuncular, bumbling, the quiet, soft-spoken little-league football coach and bank vice president, rather than a president. Seems rather quaint right now.


wendy said…
so true...honest fumblings rather than calculated deceptions and manipulations.
twitches said…
I always think of Chevy Chase when I think of Gerald Ford - falling over podiums and such. You're right, he does seem quaint nowadays - very sad.
January said…
Hi Jim. You'll appreciate this short piece on Ford at Slate:

Decent Exposure

I think it refects a simlar opinion on the late president.

Happy New Year!
Michelle Fry said…
Like Twitches, I always think of Chevy Chase when I think of Ford but Betty really would have been the better president.