Oh, I'll be taking perhaps another week or two off from the blogging. Just caught up in devoting myself to school work and faring off to Savannah for a conference this coming weekend. In 2008, dear January, I do plan to make it the Dodge. Honestly.

For those of you who've followed this blog realize that I've been posting regularly, about 2-4 times per week since I made the big leap last April. That leap? Oh, I changed the focus of the blog from Boise State football and Poetry to just mostly poetry and wayward thoughts. My little joke, initially, was to create the least read blog in the United States (I was up for about six months, with only six views of my profile, and one comment--not bad).

Anyway, I'm very happy that my Broncos are off to a 5-0 start, with a real likelihood of making it to a BCS bowl. And my PeaceJam-attending son and I will definitely go to that game, along with my brother and his son (perhaps the Fiesta Bowl), and so it would be a very manly weekend for the Brock men. Oh, but I detect that my more recent readers are likely tuning out at this paragraph, and I said I would keep the football talk to a minimum.

What I am looking forward to is the incredible Dame Helen Mirren (buy this week's New Yorker, just for her image) in her new role as Queen Elizabeth II. No, hardly her sexiest role, but I can't think of a more intelligent actress working today.

I'll be back, dear reader. A little refreshed, and no doubt still unbelievably appalled at something. Happy trails!


bb said…
you will be missed!
Anonymous said…
Jim, I look forward to seeing you at Dodge in 2008. Who knows, maybe we'll be selected as be Poets Among Us.

And I'm also looking forward to the Helen Mirren film and the new Forest Whitaker film, "The Last King of Scotland."

Enjoy the respite. You will be missed.
Catherine said…
I wondered what had happened to you for Poetry Thursday this week. Hope you have a productive break.
BendingPeak said…
Hope you have a nice holiday. I will be reading when you get back.