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17 September 2006

Carson at PeaceJam

My son attended this weekend's PeaceJam Conference in Denver, Colorado. While it's easy to think of American youth being so caught up in the material entanglements of our culture, being lost in the comfortable safety-nets their parents laid out, being paralyzed by the constant beat of fear-mongering and war-mongering, or being completely blase about political action, it's heartening to see evidence to the contrary.


At 5:59 PM, Blogger twitches said...

Have you ever read a book called "Scapegoat Generation"? Can't recall the author just now - but it pretty much puts to rest that idea that the youth of today (or any generation, really) are the vapid, mindless, useless wads of flesh our society likes to consider them. A really interesting read. Your post made me think of it again...


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