We Have Audioblogger . . . 4 Days in Limbo

this is an audio post - click to play

Thanks to January for heppin' me to the fact that the Audioblogger files have downloaded! Guess I'll be returning to various Poetry Thursday web sites and check out some voices I've been eager to hear!


January said…
Isn't audioblogger special? I had three links show up on my blog this afternoon. So random.

Loved hearing your voice with the poem.
Dana said…
Yay! Yay! Yay! Mine showed up today, too. It's probably because the Poetry Thursday gods wanted an extra day of fun and frivolity, so it held the posts up until today, as if to tell us EVERY DAY should be Poetry Thursday!

Would you like to have this audio file included in the Poetry Thursday Audio Project? Please, please, please?
J. Newberry said…
Great to hear your voice, Jim.

I love the poem, as well.
shann said…
very neat to hear you read-
I love the reading of your poem - it was beautiful. I had to listen to it again and again, I was so moved by the emotion. Thanks for being another great example of what to aspire to in my own writing.