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05 June 2006


This Friday, Gerri and I will go Miami-ing for a week, to celebrate her birthday, and to enjoy ourselves around some old haunts. Miami is but 130 miles from Fort Myers, but it's the same cultural distance between central Ohio and New York City. We just have to go there to recover our bearings.

Of course, top on the list is to visit the best book store in Florida, Books and Books. We'll likely go to the Coral Gables store, which has survived and thrived despite the fact that a Borders mega-store was built a block away about four years ago. Mitch Kaplan, the owner, is one of my heroes.

We'll also go out to listen to Ira Sullivan, a friend from Gerri's old days. In fact, the dress poem below goes back to times when Gerri would go with her friend Iris to dance all night to Ira's music. Little wonder why I'm so looking forward to our little vacation.

No doubt, we'll go to Fairchild Tropical Gardens, The Aviary, The Barnacle, Matheson Hammock, Scotty's, The Colony Theater, etc. Mostly, we'll people watch, enjoy some evenings with old friends, and just enjoy the Miami light.


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