Fort Lauderdale Bound

This Friday night, I'll be sharing the stage with Jill Drumm and Jesse Millner for a reading at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale. Before that, however, on Thursday, I'll be going with the Millners to North Miami to enjoy a reading of Wave Books poets, Joshua Beckman, Noelle Kocot, and Anthony McCann. Should be a fun weekend of poetry and friendship.

I'm especially looking forward to reading with Jill, an FGCU graduate who is finishing up her M.F.A. at FIU (love all those letters). She's working on an amazing thesis, Forms of Exodus, which will eventually be a pretty amazing book of poetry. She's really grown in her work at FIU, obviously from working with Denise Duhamel and Campbell McGrath--I think Campbell has truly challenged Jill--and from her exposure to a diverse writing community in Miami. She has genuine range with her work, being experimental and formal in her strategies, but her voice remains strong throughout her work: a remarkable fluidity with the Saxon and the Latinate, a grounding in the lyric via Dickinson, Roethke, and Gluck, and a brave willingness to stretch it all out. Her thesis is light-years ahead of what I produced at Indiana.