One of my perverse goals with this blog was to create the least read blog on the Internet.

In December, however, I received one comment (and the only one sent to me via the blog), from one of the editors of the Sensual Poets of 2006 calendar. The poets I do know on the calendar are indeed good poets, but I still think the project is ripe for a little ribbing.

Then this month, my friend Jesse Millner told me he's starting reading this stuff, even the Boise State observations. Well, that just tore it. My experiment has failed, and time to say Uncle.

So I've decided to sell out with this blog, transform it slightly in theme toward poetry and other observations--okay, so that really doesn't change a thing in the content. But I will abandon the focus on Boise State football (I do have one last posting to devote there), to appease my fan base of one or two of you. I will also add lots of poetry links, and I'll probably exert more time praising those I admire and ignoring those beneath me. No more consideration to the Foetry jokesters. No more sniveling over Billy Collins; other poetasters; etc.

As a gesture toward the self-absorption that is blogging, I've added some details to my profile (that 8 different folks have looked up already--darn you each!), nearly all of them sincere, and I'll be adding more links, etc., for your pleasures.