Minor Poets

Since I mentioned a connection to a relatively well known poet, Dean Young, which did come off a little smarmy in my last post, and since I just can't seem to say enough about Denise Duhamel, an even better known poet, I thought it might be good for me to discuss a handful of other poets I know who would likely describe themselves as "minor" poets. They might be known only within a city, or state, or even regionally, perhaps having won a few awards along the way, and even a few book publications, but they are poets who really smart people about poetry know are the real deal.

And yes, I will only name those folks I actually know, just to keep it a little entertaining for myself, and to keep this blog still all about me. Anyway, over the coming months, I'll post little assessments of poets including some of my favorite Florida poets, Michael Hettich, Jesse Millner, and Mia Leonin, some of my old I.U. M.F.A. pals, Don Boes, Dan Bourne, Kevin Stein, Keith Ratzlaff, and some of my Idaho poet friends, Margaret Aho and Diane Raptosh. Something for all you readers out there to look forward to.