Foetry Stagnation

Decided to go back to the Foetry web site and check up on the latest witch-hunt. Here's their current unmasking:
As I feared, the CLMP "ethics" guidelines, endorsed by numerous presses, has generated the first faux-winner in a contest. Joshua Kryah's Glean was the talk of this year's AWP conference because it's the alleged winner of the 2005 Nightboat Poetry Prize, selected by "esteemed" poet, Donald Revell. Strangely enough, Kryah is a PhD student in the creative writing program at UNLV, where he surely knows and/or studies with Revell's wife, Claudia Keelan.
Oh dear, oh dear. Now, there could be a conflict of interest here, that Donald Revell really did have enough time on his hands after reviewing dissertations, grading papers, assessing programs and such at Utah to read all the poems by his wife's students and by students who didn't even take her classes at UNLV, and he's going to remember these students who may or may not have taken classes from his wife and recall all their work that he may or may not have read. And somehow, he's going to owe an allegiance to this student (based on what exactly?) and purposely favor the student's work on this one advantage. What's hilarious is that none of the finalists have any connections to Utah, UNLV, Revell, or Keelan--but I guess that's just proof of Revell's cunning.

These McCarthy-like attacks are obvious enough.

What's also obvious is that Foetry has had its fifteen minutes. It'll keep going along out of sheer meanness and self-righteousness, bucking up its 20 regular posters and feeding the insecurity of unaccomplished poets who believe their work isn't getting published only because of these conspiracies to thwart their talent. Ho-hum.