Dead Period

It's the dead period in college football right now, just after the national letter of intent day--in which high school seniors formally commit to a football program--and before spring ball. A little hiccup will occur with the NFL draft, in which Boise State's Daryn Colledge should be an early second round draft pick, perhaps the 4th offensive linemen picked. No other Bronco will likely get selected.

As for the LOI signings, Boise State had to deal with the remnants of Hurricane Hawkins leaving town for Colorado; he took about four assistant coaches with him, and with them, went a number of possible Boise State recruits (likely 2 or 3 in all, most notably Hawkins' son, Cody). Even so, Boise State recruited one of the best QBs in California, and they have a stellar prospect in Darrell Acrey, a linebacker. They also loaded up with a number of defensive backs who are said to like to hit, a real need for the team. The only obvious gap is in recruiting a running back, but the rumor mill on Bronco Country has it that they may be picking up a junior college running back. In all, the recruiting class probably isn't quite as good as last year's, which is likely the best in Bronco history, but it's not much of a drop off.

If Chris Petersen's team can pull off a 11-1 record, and I think that that's very likely (I'm hoping for another perfect year), he should be able to continue the upward swing in recruiting for Boise State. The biggest drawbacks are the conference affiliation and the stadium size, but the Broncos are looking at changes on both fronts.