Hawkins Leaving?

Looks like Boise State's football coach, Dan Hawkins, may be leaving Boise State to take over the reigns of a corrupt program at Colorado University. The Buffaloes, while having a good team on which to build (winning the WAC-equivalent North Division of the Big 12), their program has been rocked with scandal, shady dealings, and unethical behavior. Hawkins would likely set the program right, ethically. He would also be a great recruiter for them. The real question is whether the Colorado boosters and fan base are ready for someone like Hawkins. This easily could be a regrettable decision for him, not necessarily leaving Boise State, where he is genuinely beloved, but going to a place that might ultimately chew him up and spit him out for not producing a winning program.

As for Boise State, it appears that their offensive coordinator, Coach Chris Petersen, will likely take over, unless he decides to accompany Hawk to Boulder, which could very well be the case. Coach Pete has let it be known that he's not really interested in being a head coach, but he might think differently with this new opportunity. I think most Bronco fans are hoping, as I do, that Petersen takes over--would make a huge difference in recruitment and continuity.