Punishing Start

Old news, but Boise State has lost its first two games of 2005.

The Georgia game was a blowout, with the Broncos never being in the game, really, because of Zabransky's 6 turnover performance. Against Oregon State, it was a tough loss at a tough venue. And so now it looks like the Broncos' best hope is to win out for the rest of the season, take the WAC championship (the game at Fresno will determine that), get the hometown bowl, and play the 7th best team from the ACC--I'm guessing maybe North Carolina State or Virginia.

The venture to Athens was a terrific visit for me, Carson, and Allan, and it was both horrific and impressive to see how the town gives itself over to football for the weekend. Most of the folks were very friendly, with their "tailgating." One person identified himself as a poster who visited the Bronco boards (TruDawg). For his tailgate, they had two UGA "tents"--a standard structure it seems, as perhaps over a 1,000 of them were set up around and through the campus. He also had a satellite dish, a t.v., a vcr playing highlights of Bulldog football, two tables full of food, and at least four coolers of beer. I was curious about not seeing a generator, and he had it plugged up to an external outlet (his little secret), getting his juice courtesy of UGA.

Still there was more than a little that seemed grotesque about it all: the wretched frat boys drunk and yelling obscenities at folks who could've been their grandparents; the incredible expense of this diversion in face of the suffering of the Katrina victims just earlier that week; the unquestioned primacy of a sports culture (and yes, I know this blog contributes to that); and the inherent temporality of it all, a thoughtless and habitial repetition that was show and waste.

Okay, so I've been reading Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth, and it all seems trawdy just now, and it was, even from the perspective of a middle-class Idahoan professor.