Ready to Head North and Katrina

Will be leaving tomorrow for Nashville, flying up to Chicago for the connecting flight to Music City, U.S.A. I'll be spending the night with my son, and then when he's free from school on Friday, we will drive to the Atlanta airport to pick up my brother, and then on to Athens. Funny that I have been concerned about the availability of gas in Atlanta, when in the face of so much unimaginable grief and suffering because of the hurricane.

Another point of contact is that my ex-wife's husband's family is in Southern Mississippi (mostly Hattiesburg, which suffered a bit of damage, though a hundred miles inland, I believe) and S.E. Louisiana (in Hammnond, which I imagine must be devastated). I'm wondering if he's been able to get in touch with his family, and no doubt, his mind will be elsewhere while I am there. Yes, I stay at my ex-wife's place most times I go to Nashville. Pretty far removed from the divorce that occured 12 years ago.

Also heard today from my nephew, who'll be watching the game in his dorm room in Spokane--he's off to a very good start at Gonzaga--though he's a little blue that he can't join his father and cousin and uncle for the big game.

Oh, and not to mention the tragedy in Iraq today of the stampede over the bridge. And so I'll be headed off to a football game, in a stadium of 93,000, at a university that probably is askew in values because of this very sports culture (interesting how the University of Georgia Press has been knocked down a few rungs because of the Jorie Graham judging scandal--maybe not all that far from the Georgia basketball coach a few years back and his phony tests for his "coaching" courses: what is the nickname for the UGA basketball team?).