Sec 102 Row 24 Seats 23 and 24

Got the tickets from my brother for the University of Georgia game. We'll be sitting near the far endzone (upper left hand corner as you view the field from television), where most of the BSU fans will be seating.

Yesterday, I was throwing footballs with Carson and Nick (my nephew), and they asked what I thought BSU chances were, not what I hoped they would be. I thought it was 1/3, because the game was in Athens and the Georgia defense would be imposing. Nick was a little more optimistic, saying it was 50:50 for him. We agreed that our offense would be ready, and that we had almost no question marks about the Broncos. And we went on from there, which I'll later cover.

I am really sorry Nick won't be with us, as he'll be going through first-year orientation at Gonzaga. His father has promised him, though, that if Boise makes it to a big bowl game, he'll make sure that they both go. For me and Carson, though, I think we'd have to hope for a bowl game in Florida for that to happen for us. All the same, this game with UGA is the equivalent of a bowl game for BSU.