Why poetry? Why BSU football?

Probably the only place you find the mix between any art and Boise State football, other than this blog, is in the art of Matthew Barney. Check out his Cremaster I.

For this blog, I intend to be self-promoting about my own work--I am James Brock, for those who must know--but also about other poets who I find stimulating. But I'll also spend some effort going on about Boise State football, and no, I'm no bandwagon fan.

You'll likely read then, my efforts to offer corrections to the Foetry fans, who rightly are making claims about some poetry contests, but who just as often go off the deep end. For instance, they still think it's relevant to identify Dean Young as having connections to the U. of Iowa, when he won the Colorado Prize back in the mid-nineties. Their proof? Why Dean started teaching at Iowa four years later! Oh, and he had a poem accepted in Ploughshares in an issue edited by Chase Twichell, who we all know went to Iowa in the mid-70s. The horror! So, according to their paranoid thinking, Dean had an "inside advantage" when he submitted his work to the contest. Never mind Twichell had no connections to the Colorado Review then, and never mind Dean had absolutely no connections to Iowa (as if that were a crime) in the mid-90s. Still, they claim this example as an indictment of the link between the Colorado Prize, Colorado State University, Iowa, and Harvard.

Or you'll likely read how I think Boise State will be able to beat Georgia on September 3 in Athens, because of BSU's balanced offensive schemes and of Georgia's question marks at quarterback and receiving corps.

Anyway, I hope my blog is entertaining to the 6 other people in the United States who hold these parallel interests. Go Broncos! Read more Denise Duhamel!