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30 July 2007

Ingmar Bergman

In college, I saw my first Ingmar Bergman films, The Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries, all of which coincided predictably with my Woody Allen love at that time (almost 30 years ago!). But the film of his I would want to watch again tonight would be Smiles of a Summer Night.

Thank goodness for Netflix.

Oh, and I know I have been terribly remiss with blogging, and I'll likely pick it up again a little closer to when school starts. I'll be off to Idaho soon, my annual trip west to my "homeland," with Carson. Until then . . . .

16 July 2007

Go Godzilla Go!

I know it's bad news about the 6.8 earthquake that struck northeast Japan, especially with the damage to the Kashiwazaki nuclear power plant, where apparently some 300 gallons of "slightly" radioactive water has seeped into the Sea of Japan.

Isn't this the way how Godzilla began? And if so, can he/she/it just happily obliterate the entire world? Me, I volunteer to be the guy in a suit pointing up at Godzilla, taking a picture, and then Godzilla just steps on me--nothing especially vengeful about it, but just all a part of the general mayhem.

Oh, and by Godzilla, I do mean the 1950s version. And by obliterating the world, I just mean the human world, just all us people and all the buildings and bridges and planes and cars and boats and tanks and helicopters and such. After that, Godzilla can keel over.

04 July 2007

Happy 4th

It's Independence Day, a very good time to read the American Declaration of Independence, which is my and Gerri's way of remembering this day. Funny, how some of these complaints registered 231 years ago carry some currency today.

Oh, but this Independence Day is a little sad, as it is without Bubbles, the-so-very-American-in-the-very-best-way Beverly Sills